INDT 501 – Week 5 Music Video and PLN

I have to admit and reitierate how much I dislike the world of technology. I believe there are some very good uses for it in the classroom, but I hardly have time as a graduate student to keep up with technology so I wonder if I will be able to do it as a teacher. I think some people are more geared to immersing themselves in the technological world. However, I am not one of those people. If I don’t have to turn on my computer for a day, I get extremely excited.

The Professional Learning Network

For the reasons I have stated above, I am struggling to keep up with all the aspects of our professional learning networks. For instance, I dis-dis-dis-dislike Twitter very much. I think it is useful for this class because we can post questions, comments, and concerns and have them answered rapidly. The reason I don’t like Twitter is the hashtag aspect of it. I always feel like if I don’t have the specific hashtag that I am going to get crazy results or none at all. For instance, when I tag my blog posts I tag them five different ways based on ways I think people might type in this course’s name. In the classroom, I think Twitter could be useful, but it would have to be in a controlled setting. I don’t think it would work like has it does in this class because students can be immature. On the other hand, if a teacher used to Twitter as a resource page to stay in contact with experts and made a class project out of it, then it would be beneficial. For the purposes of teacher-to-teacher, I think Twitter is a good place for a sounding board once you obtain the right followers and follow the right people.

The Google RSS Feed is something I am familiar with because I was required to set one up as a undergraduate for a class on digital history. Unfortuantely, I was consumed with my senior thesis, so I did not get to play with it very much. I like this technology because it makes my life easier. For instance, I think in my pervious ppost I mentioned that I did not always have the time to check up on blogs. The Google RSS feed fixes this by putting all current posts of multiple websites in one place. Thank you Google for helping my brain not explode. I think student use might be limited and not completely worth the instruction time it would take for students to learn how to use it. As a teacher, I think it is a great tool to synthesize multiple sources of information and to help keep teachers relevant. Some other aspects of Google I like are the documents functions where a teacher could easily create a group document, share it with the class, and have a collaborative space. It is awesome and would aid inquiry teaching and learning greatly. You can also add an anomyity aspect to it, so students who are less inclined to talk in class may participate online.

The professional learning network I signed up for is a little strange. So far, I have received two emails from people on the site that tell me that have important information they would like to share with me, but they can only share it with me if I email them first….. They also have odd names and the one had a not-so porfessional picture.

I have started making my curricular video this week as well as expanding the aspects of my professional learning network. I picked a standard that pertains to the Japanese internment camps during World War. I did not realize how hard it would to find pictures from the World War II era that are free to use. I wanted to use the infamous picture on the woman showing her muscles with the bandana and the jumpsuit. She is also known as “Roise the Riveter”. It was impossible. Most of pictures I found, I could not verify thay they were acutally scenes of World War II and that time period. I can at least say that this will be an interesting experience.

Image courtesy of:

and yes, it is free to use : )


Cambodia4kidsorg. (2010). Using Social Media for Professional Media [photograph]. Retrieved February 15, 2013, from:

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3 Responses to INDT 501 – Week 5 Music Video and PLN

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Cassandra,

    I agree with you on the RSS feeds as they do make life quite a bit easier. As for Twiter, I initially feel very reserve in posting but I believe it is becoming much easier and I am actually looking forward to building followers. Hang in there.

    Thanks, Kim

  2. Carolyn Walker says:

    I am interested in technology but I understand what you are saying. I too feel a little overwhelmed by the Personal Learning Network. Right now if feels like a lot to keep up with. I hope that the more familiar I become with Twitter and Google Reader the more useful it will become.

  3. Jordan Kroll says:

    Although I am probably a little more interested in technology than you say you are, I am also not completely sold on the idea of the Professional Learning Network. Part of the problem is that many of the tools we are using are things that I have used for personal social media accounts, so it’s strange for me to try to transition my Twitter where I joke around with my friends about celebrities and cats into something that is supposed to be taken seriously as a learning tool. My Google Reader is also used primarily for reading about celebrities and cats, so, again, I’m having trouble with all of this change. I do think it could be useful if I can change my mindset (or my interests), but you are right to say that it’s hard to keep up with all of these sites and services, especially when they are things you do not find necessary or important. I wonder if, as teachers, we will appreciate the value of these resources when we are, for instance, searching desperately for photographs to use for free in our lessons, or if we will rely more on the face-to-face contacts we have within our schools.