INDT 501 – Sticky Notes Week 7

My sticky note wall

I like the idea of the online sticky notes. I am a person who writes a lot of ideas down in non-organized manners. Sometimes it is all over a sheet of notebook paper or it is on multiple note-cards. I especially use note-cards for research papers. As a student, I could use this tool to organize my thoughts in one place and access them anywhere that has Internet. This is a lot easier then carrying around fifty note-cards with the potential of losig all your thesis work. Also, when I write a research paper, I usually write the citation down on the note-card or create a separate Word document to save all the citations. Now, I can simply copy and paste and keep all my research together. The sticky note wall that I created for this assignment pertains to James Bond. I love James Bond movies. I am amazed at how the actors keep changing, but the films have tremendous success. Last semester, I learned in my International Relations class that Ian Fleming (the writer of the James Bond books) was a spy for Great Britain. Needless to say, my mind was blown. I hoped by making my wall public that people could share their ideas about James Bond and any knowledge they have about the phenomenon that is James Bond.

As a teacher, I think I would use this resource often in the classroom. Teachers may write ideas on a board as part of an activity. Now, we could put those ideas on a wall, make it public, put it on the class website for parents and students to see, and have students continue to contribute to it throughout the course.

For projects, this would be great for collaborative purposes. Students could form their own walls and post research, thoughts, and ideas. This would make working outside of class much easier and responding to other students ideas more succinct. The same goes for an entire class project.

My lesson if I were a teacher:

The assignment:

Research primary sources (documents, oral histories, and images) about Holocaust victims.  Use your research to create a presentation about one aspect of the Holocaust (death camps, experiments, Nazi ideology). Post your research on a sticky notes wall with your group members. Group members are expected to collaborate and comment on group mates research. Throughout the process of researching, you are required to comment on two other groups walls about their research. Comments should be constructive (new idea they should look at, issue with research, another place they could look for sources).

This is a rough outline, but I think it would work well provided that I could use laptops in the classroom for students to work together with.

I looked at the geometry link on the assignment page for this blog. I thought the way the teacher used sticky notes was okay. I did not like the way he organized it because it was overwhelming when I first viewed the page. Also, I did not really see any order to what was presented, which could be confusing if a student is looking for a specific “note” or topic. I think it would be beneficial for any teacher using this tool in the same way as the geometry teacher to organize the notes as a concept web. The tool allows you to use it as an interactive concept map. I think using it this way is more effective then a smattering of information on a a page even if it is arranged by date.

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